Saudi Marketing is an international organisation that provides specialised training, market research and digital marketing services to professionals and companies. Our mission is to help our clients improve their knowledge and skills and to enable them achieve their professional and personal goals in the business world. We accomplish that through: 

- Organising high quality training programs.
- Delivering professional in house workshops and seminars for companies in the KSA. 
- Providing scholarships and research funds to students, young entrepreneurs and educational bodies.
- Developing e-Commerce platforms and mobile 3G applications for private companies and Governmental bodies.



Saudi Marketing offers consulting and Digital Marketing services for companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Our Digital Marketing services include:
• Developing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies.
• Managing Social Media communities.
• Launching online advertising campaigns on Social Media.
• Creating engaging and interactive content on Social Media.
• Evaluating and reporting the performance of the Social Media activities of a company.
• Event listing on Saudi Marketing website and Social Media networks (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn).
• Promoting products and posts on Saudi Marketing website and Facebook page.
• Publishing press releases on Saudi Marketing website and Social Media.


Saudi Marketing organises regular Professional Training Courses on specialised areas such as Digital Marketing, Social Media and Marketing Research Intelligence in major cities in the Kingdom including Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Hofuf. The Courses focus on helping professionals to develop their own digital strategies. A limited number of places will be open to Entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate company performance through e-Marketing and Managerial or Professional staff from large or small organisations who need to develop appropriate on-line business strategies. Saudi Marketing collaborates with Univerities and Educational Providers in Europe, America and the Middle East as well as Professional Associations and provides high quality training sessions through a number of reputable academics and practitioners.